Average energy performance exceeding the equivalent of 120 passenger-miles per gallon. Subject to the general regulations of the State of Washington, the city board will by statute control the manner where the City contracts for public jobs, individual solutions, and also the acquisition and also personality of building. The city board shall utilize accepted purchase principles, booking in all instances the right to reject all proposals, proposals, or various other deals, as well as, as trustee of public funds, will in all procurements of public works, goods, as well as services advertise the general public interest.

The salaries of the council president and also council members shall be established by ordinance adopted by the city board or pursuant to state law and also might be enhanced or reduced every so often. Any kind of modification in the salary for the office of council president or council participant developed by statute embraced by the city board will not be applicable to the term then being served by the incumbent. Any change in the wage of the workplace of council head of state or council member established pursuant to state legislation shall become efficient according to the suitable state regulation.

The providing of the franchise business will not be interpreted to avoid the city from providing any type of identical or similar franchise business to any person apart from the franchisee. Nothing herein contained shall ever before be understood so about excuse the franchisee from conformity with all statutes, policies or policies of the city currently basically or which might be hereafter adopted which are not irregular with the regards to the franchise business.

This Bond is one of an accredited series provided according to an ordinance of the Board of Trustees of the Town embraced on June 16, 2014 (the Bond Regulation”). To the level not defined herein, terms used in this Bond will have the same definitions as stated in the Bond Statute. This Bond births interest, matures, is payable, is subject to redemption and also is transferable as offered in the Bond Regulation and also Sale Certificate.

A regulation of the City of Westwood, Kansas amending the following short articles as well as sections of the Westwood Zoning Regulation which is integrated by reference within the Westwood City Code by Phase 16, Write-up 1, Area 1.6 (Applications and Procedures), Section 1.7 (Reserved), Post 2, Section 2.3 (Interpretations), Short Article 5, Section 5.1.2 (Plan Review), Short Article 6 (Planned Zoning districts), as well as Article 8 (Special Use Permits).

If, before the day when any kind of statute shall take effect, an application signed by certified electors in number a minimum of equivalent to 10 per centum of the total number of votes cast at the last coming before basic metropolitan election shall be filed with the city staff opposing versus the implementation of such regulation, it shall be suspended from taking effect. Thereupon the council shall reevaluate such ordinance as well as, if it does not completely rescind the very same, shall send it to prominent vote at the following community political election; or, the council, in its discernment, could call a special political election for that objective, and such regulation shall not work unless a bulk of the qualified electors voting thereon at such political election will vote in favor thereof.